Most people don’t realize how tiny they are until they meet Rusty Coones. His 6’5 solid steel frame, just doesn’t disappear into a crowd. But Rusty is best known for his past in the Outlaw Biker world and his future with Illusion Motorsports.


Rusty fell in love with motorcycles as a teenager after purchasing his first Harley. When a random accident totaled his bike, his Dad threatened him. It was stop riding or get kicked out of the house. Rusty bought a new Harley and left to start his career in Southern California. Always an entrepreneur, he quickly launched his own company, customizing cars and motorcycles.

It was highly successful. He entertained many celebrities. Life was fast and exciting, but empty. Until he met his wife. If anyone is known for their toughness, its definitly K.O. She was Rusty’s strength while he was locked up behind bars. She sold “Free Rusty” shirts, which were frequently worn by Jesse James on his reality show“Monster Garage”. Now she has her own jewelry line, sought after for its clever qualities. Her interior decorative talents turned their shop from motorcycle grease into a stunning example of hardcore decor.

In 2010, Rusty was featured on a behind the scenes edition of Sons of Anarchy. It documented their shop Illusion Motorsports building a very special bike for the Wounded Warrior Foundation. Rusty has also been a driving force behind successful Toys for Tots events. In his spare time, he writes music. With his band Attika7, Rusty puts on an intense concert. Attika7’s distinctive musical style has been impressing even tough critics.

Meanwhile, his acting career has taken off. Quinn, President of the Nomads, has recently joined Sons of Anarchy. In his first appearance, he backs up Jax during a vicious bar fight. While we’ve always been fans of the show, Rusty’s character keeps us glued to the screen. His intensity just engulfs the scenes! According to Fred, Rusty is another name for macho.


Rusty in the Devil’s Ride

Rusty & K.O. on the Red Carpet for Sons of Anarchy

Rusty’s Doritos Commercial