Ultimately, the hit FX drama, Sons of Anarchy, has harnessed lots of realism by means of casting genuine Hells Angels in a number of roles. It’s long been true that Kurt Sutter, the originator of Sons of Anarchy, consults with members of the Hells Angels and has now cast a few in terrific roles. Sutter continues to raise the standards in realistic, gritty writing.
Hells Angels SOA Rusty CoonesThe character Quinn played by Hells Angel member, Rusty Coones.

Rusty Coones plays president of a Nomads chapter in season 5. In real life, he is the founder of a Hells Angels chapter in Orange County California. Coones was once president of the Hells Angels chapter in the San Fernando Valley. Rusty Coones owns a bike shop called Illusion Motorsports. His shop has built two bikes for Kurt Sutter. Other ties between Coones and SOA include the fact that he has a band called Attika7 (Heavy Metal) that has done a couple of songs for the SOA show. He has been in prison a couple of times in real life for drug and gun related offenses.In a couple of the season 5 episodes, Rusty (Quinn) is shown on one of the custom bikes he actually built. He really fits the role well as it nearly runs parallel to his own life.